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At All Peoples Church, we believe in giving! We strive to give 25% of our annual budget to missions. We also believe that giving should be motivated by three things primarily: relationship, love, and grace. When it comes to relationship, our giving should be as a direct result of our relationship with God. We give cheerfully because He is the receiver of our giving and He desires relationship with us and not our calculator. We also give out of grace, because God has been so gracious to every one of us. In response to the grace He has shown us as individuals, we in turn graciously give. Lastly we give out of love. We demonstrate our love to the Lord by our giving. We love to give to the things He is passionate about. So we invite you to give, as we give; not to give to support our church, or the ministries that we support, but to give out of the same relationship, love, and grace that you have for Jesus Christ.

If you would like to give to the ministry of All Peoples Church, please click the Givelify button.

Below, you will see the ministries that we regularly support. We welcome your support of our church or any of the ministries below. If the Lord lays it upon your heart to give to any of their work, you may use our webpage to make your contribution. You can give with assurance that 100% of your donation will be passed to the ministry you select. If you give to All Peoples Church through Givelify, they do charge a 2.9% transaction fee. We proudly support the following ministries prayerfully and financially.

  • Offering – If you would like to give to the ministry of All Peoples Church directly, please use this category as you give.
  • The Lighthouse: The Lighthouse Community Center of Lynchburg is funded solely by donations and 100% of the donations are used for the Ministry and for the benefit of those who need their services. The Lighthouse is staffed entirely by volunteers and all monies go directly to the programs they offer. For access to their website to see what services they provide, please click here.
  • Commonwealth For Christ: We proudly support Commonwealth for Christ and their partnership with City of Hope Orphanage in Sri Lanka. To view their website, please click here.
  • Kings Kids Village: We proudly support the ministry of Kings Kids Village, an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. To view their website, please click here.
  • Mutual Faith Ministries & Network is the ministry of Jeff & Nancy Clark. Mutual Faith is an apostolic network that is a grass roots ministry assisting individuals, churches and ministries to realize their callings and missions within the US and abroad. We are proud to have Mutual Faith as our covering as a ministry and as ministry leaders. The leadership of All Peoples Church are primarily ordained through Mutual Faith. To view their website, please click here.
  • River of Life Ministries is the ministry of Dr. James & Margarita Lee. They travel the world empowering disciples of Christ with Kingdom authority and power to finish the Great Commission! To view their website, please click here.
  • All Peoples Growth Church, Kitale, Kenya. Although there is no official affiliation with APC Lynchburg and APC Kenya, it was founded by Raphael & Jacklyn Chitayi, who named their church after our founding pastor, Pastor Bud Crawford’s church, All Peoples Church of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. We support them financially every month.
  • Building Fund – All Peoples Church has grown to large for the current building and needs a new home. If you would like to give towards the acquisition of real estate, please use this category as you give.