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REAL Conference 2K21

Two Days of Real Community
October 01
October 02

Real - 2K21 is for a community of women who recognize that there is more, but that the more is waiting for them on the other side of redemption, restoration, and freedom. This conference is about addressing real issues, with real answers from the only real God together in a safe, uncompromising and real community.

*Lunch will be provided on Saturday along with snacks and drinks throughout the day.*


**Please make prior arrangements for child-care needs to be fully immersed in what the Lord has for you this weekend.**

Lynchburg, VA
All Peoples Church
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About "Real"

What is "Real"?

"Real" is a ministry of All Peoples Church in Lynchburg, Virginia focused on covenant relationships, and real accountability. The reoccurring need in our current culture, is for discipleship and mentorship to happen in safe and empowering spaces. We believe this can only be accomplished seeking a Real God, who desires to encounter us in Real Life, as we face Real Issues, with His Real Anwers! 






REAL Testimonies


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Friday, October 1st, 2021:

6:00pm Registration and Mingle 

7:00pm: Corporate Worship Gathering – Speaker, Samantha Miller 


Saturday, October 2nd, 2021:

8:45am: Registration, Mingle, Coffee and Light Breakfast

9:30am: Doors Open

9:45am: Welcome and Worship 

10:15am: Breakout Session 1 


Single ladies, in Sanctuary

            Purity and Intentionality in All Seasons

            Speakers: Patricia Pantana and Jordan Justice


Married ladies, in Wesley Guild Room

            Let’s Talk about Sex – The Role of Marriage, Sex and Purity

            Speakers: Jessica Crawford, Samantha Miller, Lindsey Bender


11:15am: Breakout Session 2 – Let’s Talk about Sex, Part 2


            Single ladies, in Sanctuary 

            Dating, Sexual Assault and Restoration

            Speakers: Patricia Pantana, Nikeya Brown, Lindsey Bender


Married ladies, in Wesley Guild Room 

            Problem Solving the Issues that Impact our Intimacy

            Speakers: Rebecca Jackson, Nikeya Brown, Jessica Crawford


12:15pm: Provided Lunch – Chipotle!!!


1:00pm: Session 3 - Self Worth and Body Image

            Speakers: Patricia Pantana, Gyvonne Sanchez and Rebecca Jackson


2:00pm: Session 4 – Multi-generational Round Table: Ask Anything 


3:15pm: Session 5 – Let’s Find the Root –Anxiety and Depression

            Speakers: Samantha Miller and Dr. Gena Barnhill


4:30pm: Dinner break

5:15pm: Sound check

5:45pm: Doors Open

6:00pm: Corporate Worship, Prayer and Pursuit 

Schedule Breakdown

Single Ladies - Session 1: Purity and Intentionality in All Seasons (Single Ladies)


In this session, worldly standards of purity and dating will be debunked and young women will be challenged to rise to the Lord’s standards of purity through the counsel of the Word.  Biblical standards of purity will be clearly investigated through scripture and practical steps will be shared on how you can pursue purity and deep relationship with the Lord in seasons of singleness while thriving and enjoying life!


Single Ladies - Session 2: Let’s Talk about Sex – Dating, Sexual Assault and Restoration


Dating is hard and sometimes you just need to talk it out. During this session, your dating questions will be answered, including qualities to look for in man and how to set boundaries while having fun getting to know each other.  Is it possible to have platonic relationships with guys that won’t go anywhere further? What about if you’ve made mistakes? What if you’ve been sexually assaulted? Come hear how to practically walk out pursuing restoration and redemption. There is restoration in the hands of Jesus!


Married Ladies - Session 1: Let’s Talk about Sex – Marriage and Sex – a Biblical perspective


Sex isn’t bad. Yet, you may have come into marriage believing that and many other lies that are hindering you from enjoying intimacy with your spouse. Marriage is a precious covenant and sex is a gift from God for both the husband and the wife. We want to make clear what scripture says about marriage and sex and debunk all the lies you’ve heard that have hindered you from having a fun, intimate, and yes, pleasurable sex life with your spouse. 


Married Ladies - Session 2: Problem Solving 


There are many gray areas and hidden sins that tend to slowly impact our marriage and the testimony of Christ in our lives. In this session, we call these out and call women up to pursue holiness in all aspects of our marriage, including in our interactions with the opposite sex. We want to practically talk to you about how to navigate seasons with kids, without kids, and seasons of separation due to travel or work so that you can prioritize growing together as a couple and your individual needs.  


Session 3: Self Worth and Body Image


You are beautiful, worthy and God is for you. Who you are is not defined by what you wear, how much you weigh, what color hair you have or who your friends are. However, the reality is that many of us struggle with believing this because of what we see and what we hear on social media and the news. The undeniable truth is in the scripture.  This session will give you a Biblical perspective on body image and identity, call out all that is distracting you from believing in this, and speak life into your perspective of how God sees you.   


Session 4: Round Table Discussion


God speaks through wise counsel. Bring your questions about literally anything and hear the guidance and wisdom of a multi-generational panel of women from different backgrounds and experiences. You’re going to want your journal to keep track of the many nuggets of wisdom you will get from this session.



Session 5: Let’s Find the Root – Anxiety, Depression and Suicide


This session will discuss the realities of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. While these issues are often stemmed from other problems in our lives, such as trauma, stress, or sin habits, it is important to know how to navigate these and get the help you need to be freed from these burdens you were never meant to bear. 


In this session, Dr. Gena Barnhill will speak to you on how to pursue healing and restoration from mental distress associated with many of the real issues we’ve discussed today through Spirit-led healing prayer. Be expectant to pursue forgiveness and the blessings that comes with replacing lies and emotional pain with the truth of God’s original design for your minds. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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