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We sojourn through life, across foreign seasons, from open fields, wavering seas to the thickest trees and yet, what do we live out of?

With the understanding of God’s original design for our lives we know that perfect love casts out all fear. To unpack a partof this, we rise brave.

Through all that have been lost, all that have been gained, all that have been built, all that have been shattered and hidden underneath a dusty rug, through Christ alone we rise brave, we find our sound deep within, a mighty roar followed by the joy that brings such strength.

We rise brave, beautifying the process of immersing ourselves into the arms of the Giver of courage. We rise brave, lettinggo of everything we know that is comfortable for something greater, where we choose our Father’s power in our weaknesses, so we rise brave and not intimidated by unfamiliarity.

He is not intimidated by this age’s labels and the mockery of womanhood, so we rise bravely, radiantly, brilliantly and in exact measure of fullness as chosen beloved daughters of our King for He has overcome the world.

We rise brave and blossoming from the long, cold, winter days. We remember the valleys, even in the most difficult moments that our minds and our bodies have endured, it does not change the fact that we are handcrafted for a purpose. It did not change the fact that He kept record in totality of it all and began to grow a particular gift within us for such a time as this.

A subtle, gentle, fierce presence given from head to toes, brave we rise honoring the canvas in which our Father paints soft and bold patterns of a woman’s strength, she who carries the sacredness of communion with Him. Her hunger for morecreates space to receive the weight of heaven in her heart and for that, she rises brave.

We are passionate to see women rise brave through Christ who is our eternal King and to whom we say yes to be representative of the kingdom for all honor, glory and power that belong to Him, forever and ever!

Register today to join Gyvonne and friends at All Peoples Church at REAL 2K21 to pursue this bravery together as a community of women.

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