APC Prayer Ministry

Effective Healing

Our primary purpose is to allow God to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually; as easily and effectively as possible.
Equipping Believers

Our secondary goal is to easily equip and empower believers who want to partner with the Holy Spirit for the work of the ministry. 
Serve in Love

Our final goal is to allow people who come from traditional Christian backgrounds to be comfortable serving in prayer ministry. 
Friends in Nature

Ministries We Offer

Inner Healing Prayer

We desire to reconcile people in relationship to God, through carrying healing into the soul by connecting with God

Deliverance Prayer

It is our passion to see the rewards of Jesus' suffering applied to the hearts of believers through freedom ministry

Physical Healing

Divine Healing is offered through the atonement of Jesus. Let us partner with you and believe for great physical healing. 

Training and Equipping

We desire to activate and empower believers through our ministry tools and prayer ministry model. 

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Prayer Appointments

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