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Real Gathering

Real Community Starts Here!
September 30
October 01

Real Gathering is a faith-based community for young adult women that focuses on supporting them through real issues they face in current culture. This year’s events will focus on encouraging them in their pursuit of God and of receiving freedom from wounds, struggles, and oppression through biblical community, discipleship, and love for one another. In addition, there will be optional discipleship training on Saturday afternoon that you won’t want to miss!

Lynchburg, VA
All Peoples Church

About "Real"

What is "Real"?

"Real" is a ministry of All Peoples Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, focused on covenant relationships and real accountability. The reoccurring need in our current culture is for discipleship and mentorship to happen in safe and empowering spaces. We believe this can only be accomplished by seeking a Real God who desires to encounter us in Real Life, as we face Real Issues with His Real Answers! 

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